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D2.1.1: Worldwide survey on best (and worse) practices concerning rubberized asphalt implementation

D2.2.1: Environmental planning of the pilot application area

D2.3.1: Report on complementary measures supporting rubberised asphalt

D3.1.1: Market analysis of EOL-tires (Final version)

D3.2.1: Integration document for LCA and EOL-tires

D3.3.1: SWOT analysis of rubberised asphalt mixtures

D4.1.1: Report on characteristics of natural aggregates

D4.1.2: Report on characteristics of tire rubber

D4.2.1: Report on rheological characteristics of rubberised asphalt binder

D4.3.1: Report on laboratory results of rubberized asphalt mixtures made by the wet process

D4.4.1: Report on laboratory results of rubberized asphalt mixtures made by the dry process

D4.5.1: Development of EOL-tire management guidelines in road construction in the form of a handbook

D5.1.1: Report on physical and mechanical characteristics of the chosen mixtures for the pilot application

D5.1.2: Reports on performance of the rubberised asphalt layer every 3 months for 1 year

D5.1.3: Database development and GIS mapping on pilot application area

D5.1.4: Scenario development and analysis/simulation

D5.1.5: Sensitivity analysis of different construction, financial and logistics schemes

D5.1.6: Report on data collection from all involved stakeholders on specific characteristics for the implementation of the pilot application

D5.2: Overall report on the pilot application at the end of the project

D6.5: Production of a laymanís report

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