Laboratory of Building Materials is one of the basic laboratories, which operates since the foundation of Polytechnic school of Thessaloniki’s Campus. It provides theoretical and practical education to undergraduates and graduates students of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Laboratorys staff consists of experts and young researchers of various scientific branches (Civil Engineer, Geologist, Chemist, Architecture engineer, Chemical engineer), so that many construction areas can be covered sufficiently.


Laboratory of Building Materials is the base of non-profit scientific associations such as ĹVIPAR (Industrial By-Products Research and Development Association). It aims at the development of collaboration between individuals and organizations that are activated in the research of industrial by-products on one side, and on the other side industries and companies that either produce them or are interested in incorporating them into their production process (


During the last twenty years, Laboratory of Building Materials has developed considerable scientific activity directly in conjunction with the application of technological know how in practice, in which undergraduates and postgraduates students take part and has to do with applied research which aims at promoting new materials in favor of:

   - Recourses and energy savings

   - Environment protection

   - Construction economy


During the last years, one of the scientific subjects covered by the Laboratory of Building Materials is the utilization of different waste materials such as slag, fly ash as well as recycled rubber and textile fibers from worn automobile tires in civil engineering applications-especially concrete section-.


As far as worn mobile tires are concerned, past and present studies cover mortars, modified with this sort of waste materials, as well as concrete mixtures for special applications such as for paving blocks, kerb units as well as for concrete ground of school yards. At the same time preliminary studies have been conducted in cooperation with the Laboratory of Public Works of the Region of Sterea Ellada for the production of asphalt and soil mixtures, modified with recycled rubber from worn mobile tires. Asphalt mixtures have been produced by the dry process.


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Laboratory of Building Materials (LBM)

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