In this section you will read the latest news on the project.

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SSSUP took part to “CompraVerde-BuyGreen - Green Procurement International Forum” in Cremona on 6-7 October, 2011. During the workshop “Le applicazioni del materiale da PFU nel settore strade, sicurezza, lavori pubblici” (EOL material applications in the field of road, safety and public works), organized by Ecopneus, SSSUP presented the ROADTIRE project and its latest development.

Green Procurement International Forum 06-07/10/2011

3rd Forum meeting 21/10/2011

AUTh (both labs) with Department of materials control and quality of public works in Sterea Ellada organized the 3rd ROADTIRE forum, that took place in the city of Lamia on the 21st of October 2011.Furthermore, a ROADTIRE's Internal meeting took place (photos) on the previous day (20th of October 2011).


Joint Stakeholders Conference of the ACP-EU EDULINK 26-28/10/2011

AUT-LHTEE attended to Joint Stakeholders Conference of the ACP-EU EDULINK and Science & Technology Programmes that was held in Brussels, Belgium on 26th – 28th of October, 2011 presenting ROADTIRE project.


AUT-LHTEE took part to annual 15th Panhellenic Logistics Conference and the inaugural 1st Southeast European Congress on Supply Chain Management, both of that was held in Thessaloniki, Greece 11th – 12th November, 2011, presenting ROADTIRE project, disseminating the project and the results of sensitivity analysis.

15th Panhellenic Logistics Conference 11-12/11/2011

SSSUP has attended the workshop “Verso un’industria del PFU. Oggi e domani: le sinergie per lo sviluppo di un’economia del riciclo dei pneumatici fuori uso” organized by Ecopneus, on 10th November, 2011 at Ecomondo, Rimini.

Verso un’industria del PFU 10/11/2011

AUT-LHTEE took part to EURASIA WASTE MANAGEMENT SYMPOSIUM that was held in Istanbul, Turkey, 14th – 16th November, 2011 presenting a poster of ROADTIRE project (Photos).


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