Here you can see the Programme of the kick off meeting of ROADTIRE.

Here you can see the Poster of the kick of meeting off ROADTIRE.

Date: 13-14/09/10

Time: 09:30

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Kick off meeting Programme

Kick off meeting Poster


Kick off meeting Minutes

Here you can see the Minutes of the kick off meeting of ROADTIRE.

2010 ROADTIRE - LIFE09/ENV/GR/000304


ROADTIRE Kick-off Meeting

on integration of end-of-life tires in the life cycle of road construction

The utilization of end-of-life (EOL) tires

in road construction


Asc Prof. Avraam Karagiannidis,

el.: 2310-994165,

e-mail: akarag@auth.gr

Matina Kontogianni

Tel.: 2310-994167,

e-mail: matina@aix.meng.auth.gr


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