This page contains information on the stakeholders’ forums, that will take place during the EU LIFE+ Environment Project “Integration of end-of-life tires in the life cycle of road construction”.

This project is built around a pilot scale application and an awareness-raising campaign, backed by institutional support and development of practical guidelines and policy tools. It is designed to plan and implement a road construction with the use of EOL-tires following various pre-treatment paths. Success of the project will be achieved with the promotion of the rubber modified asphalt via guidelines for legislative regulations and interventions in the current business-as-usual practices of civil engineering applications and public works, the proposals developed from the stakeholders group, the number of stakeholders participating in the group, the number of stakeholders participating in the workshop.

ROADTIRE will provide a dialogue forum for the EOL-tire integration into public works by inviting stakeholders (beyond the project beneficiaries) that are related to and will be involved in this project .


Kick-off Meeting

1st Forum

2nd Forum

3rd Forum

4th Forum

5th Forum


Field Trip to Italy


Forums - meetings


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