Laboratory of Geographical Research and Environmental Planning

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University of Thessaly


The University of Thessaly was founded in 1984. Its administrative and academic centre is in the city of Volos. The main mission of the University of Thessaly is the transfer of critical knowledge through teaching, the promotion of scientific knowledge through research and the contribution to the cultural and economic development of the community.


The Department of Planning and Regional Development, of the School of Engineering, has been established in 1989 and it is located near the centre of the city of Volos (Prefecture of Magnesia, Region of Thessaly). The program studies of the DPRD is structured in such a way as to meet the competitive and changing conditions in the field of planning, at an urban and or regional level. Consequently, the department's main goal is to offer quality education to students and, furthermore, to train graduates who can respond successfully to a wide range of employment opportunities.

DPRD faculty maintains close contacts with international organisations, national and local authorities as well as with various other local organizations such as the Development Agency of Magnesia, the Regional Administration of Thessaly, the Thessaly Technology Park, the Transportation Research Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean, the Development Agency of Karditsa and the Research and Development Enterprise of the City of Volos.


The Laboratory of Geographical Research and Environmental Planning main objective is to serve the research and educational needs in the fields of Geography and Environmental Planning and Management. The research interests of the laboratory staff include Human Geography, Physical Geography, Geography of Developing Countries, Environmental Planning, Water Quality, Coastal Management, Waste Treatment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Ecosystems Analysis etc. The Unit has been active in participating in research projects concerning Environmental Planning and Management, Geographical Research and Regional Planning and in organizing workshops and conferences focusing on these subjects.


Contact name: Professor Athanasios Kungolos

Tel: +30 24210 74480

Fax: +30 24210 74276



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